Classifieds Script

Get The Best Classifieds Website Script for Online Classified and advertising Business

We help bring your Classified business idea to life. Our versatile technology blueprint enables you to get started with your Online Classified website and/or mobile apps with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panels etc.

Classifieds Script

Classified Script by CloneTM is an advantageous script that refers to categorization, the process of classifying ideas or objects in a user-friendly way. It is easily accessible and provides user-friendly classified website solutions. Whether you are running a business for autos, motorcycles, properties, or selling new or used items then Classified Ads Scripts are the right solution for you. Classifieds are a form of advertising that are chiefly found in newspapers, and online and offline journals.

CloneTM’ Classified PHP Script is highly scalable, operational, feisty and easy to use. Our top notch industry experts design, develop, deploy, host and maintain Classified Ads Script. We can also provide customized solutions with Classified Script Open Source to meet your market requirements in the form of new design templates, advanced features and complex functionality. Classified Ads is very accessible to target niche markets, and to develop different websites on the same platform with different features and functions.

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Features of Classifieds Script

CloneTM’ Classified Script Open Source provides you with the most important features that are necessary for the success of classified website running on classified script platform, delivering scalability, availability of support and portability. Our primary goal is to help you in increasing customer-base for your Classified Script from across the globe to promote giant marketplace for products and services.    

  • One year free support
  • Stable and bug-free script
  • User-friendly and feature-rich admin panel
  • Automatic expiration of advertisements after a predetermined period of time
  • Powerful payment system
  • Email verification for protection from spamming
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly pages and URLs
  • Multiple languages to attract users from all over the world
  • Admin can add new country/city as well as categories
  • Advertising Guidelines
  • Photo uploads with advertisements
  • Social media panel
  • Database indexing
  • Rich Text WYSIWYG editor

Website Features

Responsive Web Design
SEO Friendly URLs
Secure transections
100% Error free code
Lightweight Codeing structure
Payment Management
Paypal & Stripe Payment Integration
Login with Facebook
Login with Google
SQL Injection Proof Structure
Indexed Databases
Email and Dashboard Notifications
Site map
Maintenance Mode
Google Analytics
Export Details with CSV & XLS
Contact us
View Users Login History
Abusive Keyword Defense

Admin Features

Highly Secured Admin Panel
Front end CMS page Management
Manage CMS Page SEO Details
Admin User Management
Admin User Access Management
Admin Role Management
User Management
Website Setting
Blog Category Management
Blog Post Management
Blog Comment Management
Contact us Response Management
Subscriber Management
Newsletters Management
Website slider Management
FAQs Management
Email template Management
Admin Side Notifications
Classifieds Script Admin Panel

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Revenue model of Classifieds Script

Classifieds Script

Membership Packages

  • Classified Script supports a variety of membership packages. It clearly means that you can set up a precise time while the members can submit ads. You can even set the maximum number of ads or you could let them submit as many as they want.

Affiliate Products

  • Since you are the possessor of the ads listing website, you can promote affiliate products. It is one of the nicest advantages that your business could get with the help of our Best Classified Clone Script.
How our Classifieds Script can grow you business?

Benefits of Classifieds Script

  • Craigslist Clone Script

  • Craigslist Clone is a powerful Classified PHP Clone providing feasible environment for niche market advertising solutions. You can run your own classified site to sell real estate, find jobs and buy and sell products. It’s very user-friendly and customizable so you can integrate different features to meet your necessities.
  • OLX Clone Script

  • OLX Clone provides an innovative classified website solution with categories for buying and selling products, meetings, personal ads. etc., near you. It is one of the inventive advertisement clone scripts that categorize ideas or products in user-friendly manner and present as an advertisement on it. OLX Clone Script offers a customizable functionality to meet your desired website requirement.
  • Gumtree Clone Script

  • Gumtree Clone enables you to start your own classified ads website similar to Gumtree - it is a very popular classified website with millions of visitor every month. NCrypted Websites’ Gumtree Clone Script is customizable allowing users to post ads in many different categories from businesses posting job ads, to used cars, and property.
Classifieds Script
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We know what you want to ask ?

Faqs related to Classifieds Script

  • 1

    What is the server requirements for Classifieds Script?

    • Operating System – Windows or Linux
    • Web Server – Apache
    • Database – MySQL
    • PHP – 5.6
    • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs
    • Facebook App Credential
    • Google+ App Credential
    • Twitter App Credential
  • 2

    Will you provide server hosting services ?

    No, we do not provide server hosting services for now. However, we shall help you in recommending best Web hosting service providers as per your requirements.
  • 3

    How will I receive Classifieds Script after purchase ?

    We do not provide any direct links for downloading Classifieds Script. However, upon purchase of Classifieds Script, our support team will get in touch with you to know your preference as to either deploy and configure the script on your server or send you the dropbox link to download the source code of script.
    We offer complementary deployment services to our clients. NOTE: For cloud servers (i.e. AWS, Google, IBM, etc.) deployment is FREE, whereas server configuration will be chargeable.Deployment time for purchased product will be 24 to 48 working hours.
  • 4

    Do you subcontract the work or doing it at your own development center?

    No. We have our own development center and we do not sub-contract. We safeguard the interest of our clients and exercise required control over the project and people.
  • 5

    What is multi domain?

    Our application will run in MORE THAN ONE Domain with or without modifications [ Ex:,, etc., ]
  • 6

    Can I use Classifieds Script for commercial purpose?

    No. Any ready-made and custom products from Dwarkesh Infotech are strictly adhered to commercial use. The script codes are not meant for re-sell or re-distribution. Infringement to which, shall make you liable to legal actions.
  • 7

    How is the project development cost estimated?

    We work on fixed man-hours. We analyze your requirements and estimate the number of man-hours it will take to complete the project. The quote for the project is arrived at by multiplying the estimated man- hours by the man-hour rate.
  • 8

    Do I have access to put my brand on your Classifieds Script?

    Yes, you can change. We are providing that facilities via admin panel , you can change contact name , e-mail Id, PayPal, website name, logo, about us, terms & condition, and some more. We offer full brand free products so that you can use your own brand name in copyrights it will helpful to hide scripts purchasing place from competitors.
  • 9

    Can I change the code to suit to my customisation needs?

    Of course, our coding structure is easy to understand and you can start modifications immediately.
  • 10

    If there is any bug in functionality of the script, then whom should I approach?

    We are there to fix up the bug if any. You can always email to to address the issue.
  • 11

    Support & Description

    This is to the attention of our clients, we would like to inform you that any mails to our support team, will be replied within 24-48 hours on weekdays. Weekend mails will be replied on Monday on priority basis due to huge flow of business sales. Please be patient while we provide you with the best service.
    You can reach us at
    The 1 year of technical support will only be valid for the source code which we provide you, the tech support will be Terminated if the source code is Edited or Tampered .